Back Before the Storm Hit…

I had been a hairstylist right out of high school. In 2008 I went back to school to become a surgical technician, scrub, scrub nurse, OR tech or whatever you want to call us! It was like my second calling. I always thought I’d die doing hair, but now I was blessed with a second career and I was so happy! In fact, the happier I got and more comfortable I got in my new role, the older I got, and the idea of having a family seemed like it just wasn’t gonna happen. Having kids was pretty low on our priority list. We didn’t have time! I worked crazy hours, as did my husband, Chris. We both took call at our jobs. My job was who I was. It defined me. Chris and I both had become very “career oriented”. The way I see it, we had 14 years to focus on ourselves, which, I believe, made a huge difference in how we relate to each other and how close we are.

I guess it was toward the end of 2011 when I kinda started getting the mommy itch. The “having kids” convo started feeling like an elephant in the room. For some crazy reason I was embarrassed to talk to Chris about it. There was no reason for me to be embarrassed, but I still was. It’s a big deal! Having a baby would change everything! Our routine would totally be different. I even thought that it may just be too late for us to have kids. Like, there was a statute of limitations. If you were married past X amount of years, it was just too late to start having a family. I know, it’s crazy thinking!

I finally got the guts to have the kid talk with Chris around January 2011. We were at a Buffalo Wild Wings having some wings ‘n beer.  I supposed it took the beer for me to bring it up.  We talked for a long time.  We decided to take the rest of the year to pay down our debt and we’d start trying in January of 2012.  Cool!  Now there was a plan!  We had a goal to work toward.  Having a family wasn’t a “maybe someday” thing anymore!  I really got excited!

In November of 2011 I went to see my OB GYN.  She suggested that I take a folic acid supplement and a multivitamin for a few months before I get pregnant.  Chris was born with spina bifida.  It’s a congenital defect where the spine (vertebrae) don’t form around the spinal cord properly and there may be a sac that forms outside the body that contains nerves.  It happens in about 1 in 1000 births.  No one else in Chris’s family had it.  But since he was born with it, our baby could be more susceptible.  No problem!  We would do whatever we had to do to have a healthy baby!  So, I started taking the supplements and we were on our way to having a family!


Here’s How It All Began…

So, I don’t want to sound like I think our situation is special.  However, it was different.

I had the ideal pregnancy!  My positive test showed up in late February 2012.  I was only late one day and was never sick… AT ALL!  Not even a headache!   Everyone tells you what to expect and how things will be and how it was for them.  Not that it isn’t appreciated or respected, but I knew better!  This was MY pregnancy and I knew I needed to do what was best for me and MY pregnancy.

I chose to give up the following:

*All alcohol (Even though everybody was telling me it’s ok to have a glass of wine every once in a while.  There are no studies proving it is or isn’t totally ok, so to be on the safe side, I didn’t drink.  When in doubt, don’t do it!  Simple as that!).

*Coffee and Tea (I was a 24/7 coffee in the morning and tea for the rest of the day drinker! I’d throw in a glass of water, milk or juice as needed.  It wasn’t hard to give up and I didn’t get “withdraw headaches”.  As a matter of fact, my only “craving” was water!  It seemed like I drank it by the gallons.).

*Eggs (My preferred cooked egg is over-medium.  Because eggs can carry ugliness (salmonella) for unsuspecting pregnant ladies, I gave them up.  I still ate boiled eggs or scrambled eggs because they are cooked all the way through.).

*Lunch Meat  (All lunch meats, deli meats and cheeses included, can carry listeria.  It’s not so bad when you aren’t pregnant, but, like with the eggs, a pregnant lady’s immune system is lower and is more susceptible to ugly bacterias!).

*All Seafood/Fish  (With all the different opinions out there about different breeds of fish and how much more mercury one carries than another, I couldn’t be sure.  So, I limited myself to shrimp every once in a while and salmon a few times a month.  Also, NEVER EAT RAW FISH WHILE PREGNANT!!  That was the only constant fact I found).

For me it all basically boiled down to this:

Pregnancy is not an excuse to eat whatever and how much you want.   I had read somewhere that you only need to increase your calories by 300 or so while your pregnant.  That really brought things into perspective for me.  Your pregnancy is not about you… It’s about doing the right thing for your baby.  In my mind, I figured… How could my baby benefit from me eating 4 cheeseburgers in one sitting or stressing out about nonsense?  I maintained the mantra “My body is a temple”.  And I really believe that!  Everything I’m going through, the baby is also going through.  Everything I put in my mouth, the baby is eating.  Every bit of stress I feel, the baby will feel.  My idea of a good pregnancy was staying as calm and laid back as possible!  And, it worked… For the most part…


My Whole World In My Arms!

My new whole world!

Adley’s first day!!

November 14th 2012 was the day that changed mine and my husband’s lives forever!  We became parents for the first time.  My husband and I have been married for about 14 years and decided it was finally the perfect time for us.  We were comfortable in our careers, paid down our debt and wanted to complete our little family.