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I love this right here!

I love it when I’m holding her and she falls asleep.  Adley will keep her right arm tucked under my left arm and paw at my side like a kitten.  She makes the best faces when she’s tired.  Her eyes start glazing over and she blinks slower.  She’ll kinda nuzzle her head into the fold of my arm.  Then she’ll yawn, real big, and her breathing will soften.  The best part, though, is when little by little, her whole body will start to relax and get heavier.  She seems to start at her head and work her way down to her toes.  I love it because I know she is relaxed, comfortable and happy.

Now, the down-side is that I made Adley a “held” baby.  I don’t even know when or how it happened.  All of a sudden, one day, she couldn’t sleep unless she was held.  It used to be where either my husband or I could get her to sleep, but these days, she only wants me.  When she falls asleep, I’m stuck.  If I try to put her down, she’ll wake up and then it takes even longer for her to go back to sleep because then she’s onto my game!  She knows what I’m trying to do!!  Every once in a while I’ll take a chance and lay her down in the chair I’m sitting in (because it’s warm) or in her pack n’ play, and always on the boppie pillow (because it’s warm) and haul ass to the bathroom before she knows whats going on.  But, usually, she knows the second she can’t feel me anymore, and she wakes up pissed.



This is what it looks like.  Bless her little heart.  But, dang it, sometimes a lady has to go pee!!

Yes, I’ve tried it all.  Bathtime before bedtime, storytime before bedtime, crying it out, putting a t-shirt of mine in the bed with her, swaddling, rocking, music, stuffed animals that have vibration and heartbeat sounds…. I’ve done it all.  Sadly, it’s not just her naps in which I have to hold her.  It’s at night too.  My husband and I were adamant:  We were not going to let Adley EVER sleep with us.  Well, that fell by the way side real quick.  Like I said, I have no idea what I did to make her like that.  At least she sleeps through the night, right…?!

In retrospect, however, I’m not that bothered by it and neither is my husband.  Adley is going to be our only baby, and she’s growing so fast.  She’s not going to want me forever, so I feel like it’s ok to go on and hold her and snuggle with her.  I’m not sad about the snuggling! 🙂