Every new day presents something new!  A new smile or expression.  A new noise of some sort…:)  There were so many instances after Adley got home that I’d start thinking we were getting into a routine but then something would change.  She’d decide to do something else!  I figured it’s all part of figuring things out for us, as well as, for her. 


I think things finally started to regulate by the time Adley was about 3 months old.  Her cardiologist changed her medicine from an around the clock 6/hour medicine to a every 12/hours medicine!  Glory to God!  It made such a difference for everybody in this house!  She started to sleep through the night.  Well, I say through the night.  Initially, it was like 5 hours at a time and then 8 hours and so on.  Since we weren’t having to wake her up to give her medicine, she stopped being as cranky-pants!  That made for a very happy mommy!