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I had a doctor’s appointment, at least once, every week after I left the hospital. I had to follow up with my cardiologist a few times. She finally told me I didn’t have to come back to see her because my EKGs were perfect. See, I was still having to have EKGs done to make sure my healthy heart wasn’t wigging out on the antiarrhythmia drugs I was taking for the baby. I didn’t have any side effects from them. Well, I’d feel dizzy sometimes and other times I’d get short of breath for a second, but from what I understand, those are common symptoms of you’re getting close to the end of your pregnancy! And I was!

I was originally due the week of Thanksgiving. Now, given our current situation with being high-risk, we made the decision with my regular OB GYN to be induced 2 weeks early. That way, all the doctors would be in town and we wouldn’t have to worry. It was tremendously important to us that the baby’s doctors, not on-call doctors, be there. Now, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with on-call doctors. We had just developed a special bond with the baby’s original team! After being in the hospital almost three weeks, seeing them once a week for almost another 2 months, we felt we just needed them there! Nothing wrong with that, right?

So, the plan was for me to be induced and have a vaginal birth. I wanted a vaginal birth anyway. Apparently, as the baby passes through the birth canal, the contracting muscles in the vagina help squeeze out the fluid in the baby’s lungs and would be, overall, less stressful for the baby. However, if problems arose, the surgical team was ready to give me an emergency cesarean section.