Like I said before, I had an incredible pregnancy!  I never got sick.  Never had any cravings, however, I did want to drink lots and lots of water.  I slept really well at night (and during my naps :)).  I was really careful about what I ate.  We don’t really eat any frozen meals or processed foods or pre-packaged foods.  I cook!  I love to cook.  The sodium in the prepacked stuff scared me to death!  I felt like consuming any extra sodium would be bad for my baby, so I didn’t salt anything.  My husband just salted his meals at the table.  Also, I didn’t eat out much.  Especially fast food!  Talk about salt city!

Work didn’t become hard on me really till about my 6th month.  As my baby grew, she sat hard on my bladder and there were days I thought I literally felt my hips widen!  I had to pee a lot!  Also, there were 2 different occasions where my blood pressure suddenly dropped and I felt faint.  I almost passed out!  I learned, the hard way, how easily a pregnant lady can get dehydrated.  I drank tons and tons of water, but I also needed to drink juice or sports drinks with electrolytes.  The first time it happened I was about 12 weeks along.  I was about 5-6 months along when it happened the second time.  The doctor told me the baby is growing and its blood supply is increasing, so my heart is pumping so much more blood and working harder for the baby.

Overall, though, I really felt great!  I read my mommy books, and Chris read his daddy books.  We got registered and picked out all the decorations and colors for the nursery.  I had my “time to go bag” packed and it the car!  I even went to a medical supply store and bought disposable chucks pads to have in my car just in case my water broke and I wouldn’t make a big mess before I got to the hospital!  Yep, we were so ready for anything… Well almost anything.

My 7 month (28 week) check up was to be my last monthly check up.  I was to start biweekly checkups after that.  When we went in we were chatting it up with the nurses and joking about one thing or another.  I laid down on the table so the nurse could use the doppler on my belly and we could hear the heartbeat.  She moved the probe here and there on my belly and I assumed she wasn’t getting a good reading cause it sounded different.  After another minute or so she stepped out to get another nurse.  The second nurse passed the little probe here and there on my belly.  Same result.  She thought the batteries may be low on the machine, so she went and got another one.  She, again, passed the probe over my belly.  Then she excused herself and got the doctor.  The doctor said something didn’t sound right and wanted us to go to the hospital across the street just to be on the safe side.  This is where I was going to deliver.  I had just registered there a week or two before this.  When we got there the nurses hooked me up to the BIG monitor that, until now, I had only seen on tv!  My husband and I just kinda looked at each other.  The baby’s heart beat sounded really fast.  But all baby’s hearts beat fast.  The nurse was saying the monitor was reading my baby’s rate at 212 beats/minute.  We asked if that was normal.  Absolutely not!  But it still wasn’t sounding right.  Then we figured out if you counted the beats against the second hand of a clock, the monitor was cutting it in half.  In other words, when the monitor read 212 it couldn’t read any higher.  My baby’s rate was actually over 400 beats/minute!  My baby was in SVT and also had arrhythmia.

Needless to say, I was immediately admitted.