My OB GYN had also given me another prescription for my birth control pills, just in case I was hesitant and wanted to wait longer to get pregnant.  We were quiet on the way home.  I was thinking, should I fill the prescription or not.  We were gonna wait till the beginning of the year to start trying.  However, it was only a couple of months away and, I don’t know about your insurance, but I have to pay $50 per refill of birth control pills.  So, do I bother with starting a new prescription, or do I just throw caution to the wind and stop taking it now?

When I asked Chris what he thought he tried to give me a “man answer”.  He told me it was my body, it wasn’t his choice and I could do what I wanted.  I laughed and reminded him that it was a safe answer, and NOT the right one!  This decision requires BOTH of us because I couldn’t make a baby by myself!  If we were going to do this we needed to be on the same page with none of this “whatever you want” or “I think whatever you think” business!  This was an US decision!  Period (no pun intended)!!

So, I was officially off the pill for the first time since I was 16.  It was odd the first time we had sex knowing we did nothing to stop me from getting pregnant!  But, that was the point!  I had been tracking my cycles for a couple of months.  I am one of those who can’t feel when I ovulate.  My cycles were never regular, and that’s why I took the pill for so long.  Without it, Lord knows when my cycle would start, or end for that matter!  I do tend to read into things and pick everything apart.  So, I was pretty surprised when I didn’t get pregnant right away.  After a few months, I got really frustrated.  Knowing stress wouldn’t help me get pregnant, I got an ovulation kit.  It did the trick!  By late March-early April, I was pregnant!!